La Manuli Mega Art Set 258 including colorful crayons and pens

(EAN: 5902176710026)

Let Your children free their artistic skills. La Manuli presents a fabulous set of pencils, pens and painting accessories especially for siblings. It is an ideal gift for twins. Almost everything in it comes doubled, therefore leaving no room for quarrels.

258-elements rich case is easy to keep tidy and safe from loosing. At home or in school - this art set can be brought and used anywhere due to light and clever constuction.

La Manuli 258 Art Set includes:

  • 60x oil pastels,
  • 72x pencils,
  • 48x thin felt pens,
  • 48x thick felt pens,
  • 18x poster paints,
  • 3x graphite pencils,
  • 3x paintbrushes,
  • 2x pencil sharpers,
  • 1x eraser,
  • 1x glue,
  • size of the box: 45x48 cm

Is your child quickly getting bored with painting and drawing?

This focus-and-creativity based fun is a solution. Aroused curiosity encourages children to leave their smartphones away and develop their invention, also manual skills.