La Manuli Art Set 186 including colorful crayons and pens blue

(EAN: 5902176717339)

A wonderful gift-ready set of pencils, pens and other painting accessories for children. 186 elements packed in lovely, colorful case, that is easy to keep tidy and safe from loosing. Every piece inside has it's own place, as also foldable drawing board. Little artists find it a pleasant activity companion during family trips. This art set can be brought and used anywhere due to light and clever constuction.

La Manuli 186 Art Set includes:

  • pencils,
  • crayons,
  • oil pastels,
  • thin felt pens,
  • thick felt pens,
  • poster paints,
  • graphite pencil,
  • paintbrush,
  • pencil sharper,
  • ruler,
  • eraser,
  • paper clippers,
  • a corrector,
Size of board: 25,5x30 cm size of the box: 30x40 cm

With dedication to the Youngest

Main advantage of Art Set 186 is a foldable drawing board that can be attached to provide convinient sitting postion during Toddler's creative moments. Early age children carelessly slouch over the desk or table. Meeting parents need - this solution is to develop the habit of correct, straight sitting posture.

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