La Manuli 12000 Ironing Beads box XL (EAN: 5902176717360)

Fuse beading is lately one of the most popular, creative games for children and adults. Ironing beads are used to create lovely designs - colorful pictures, figures to play with or even gifts like key ring or cup coasters. Everything You need to start in one, portable chest.

Is your child quickly getting bored with painting and drawing?

This focus-and-creativity based fun is a solution. Aroused curiosity encourages children to leave their smartphones away and develop their invention, also manual skills.

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Step 1

Prepare/segregate the beads
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Step 2

Put the pattern on the pegboard
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Step 3

Use heated iron to join the beads
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Step 4

Ready! now You can play with it

How does it work?

Colorful pieces are laid on a special, transparent plates - pegboards with an insets. When the design is ready - delicate rubbing of heated iron through ironing paper put at the top should slightly melt beads underneath. It is done when shape starts to shine through the paper. The set includes a few ready templates that can be put underneath the pegboards, but also makes it easy to make something on your own.

La Manuli Iron Beads Box XL includes:

  • 12000 colorful 5mm beads,
  • 1 big square template,
  • 5 shaped pegboards with templates,
  • 10 stands for ready-made pictures,
  • tweezers,
  • ironing paper,
  • and instruction with bunch of example designs!
  • Whole set is compatible with 5 mm ironing beads of other brands like Hama (midi), Pyssla, Beedz, Bastel Baer, MyMeijiyia!

    Box size: 13 x 16 x15 cm